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Agendas una reunión con un cirujano

Donde podrás consultar tus preocupaciones, objetivos y expectativas. El cirujano determinara si eres un candidato adecuado para el procedimiento.

Tendrás una solución a tu caso concreto

Planificación personalizada, si eres un candidato adecuado, el cirujano te detallará el número de unidades foliculares necesarias, el diseño de la línea del cabello y la técnica adecuada

Tendrás tus resultados

El nuevo cabello comenzara a crecer en los meses siguientes y veras resultados más notables a lo largo del tiempo..

Services in Aribelti

At Aribelti you are important. We are the Barcelona hair surgery center that offers you quick, effective and long-lasting solutions so that you have the healthy and strong hair that you always wanted to have.

FUE Surgery

One of the most requested procedures by our patients is the FUE hair graft, thanks to its high level of effectiveness and rapid results.

It is an outpatient surgery, which with our hair transplant techniques guarantee durability in the transplanted hair, obtaining the largest number of follicular units, leaving no linear scar.

We can ensure that we are among the best , since we use the best transplant techniques to help patients recover their hair, through a small intervention without leaving marks or scars.

This type of intervention consists of extracting from the lateral area of ​​the scalp a number of hair follicle units that, taking into account, will be implanted in areas with less density or where it is desirable for the hair to grow back naturally.

Hair grafts are performed in patients who have some condition, as well as in patients who want to repopulate areas with little hair, hair grafts allow to recover lost hair coverage.


The hair PRP treatment helps to strengthen the scalp and prevent hair loss at the same time, thus allowing hair growth hair.

You will see yourself with healthier and stronger hair.

This process will make you have a greater density of hair, providing a natural result after implants.

This technique has no side effects and there is no risk of the body rejecting platelet-rich plasma capillary treatment because a minimal amount of blood is extracted from the patient himself, whose growth factors, fibroblasts and proteins promote capillary regeneration.

The number of sessions will vary depending on the case and your preferences

We always offer a unique service so that you feel the attention, security and comfort that our specialized personnel provide.


Customer Support

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As a center for hair surgery and specialized treatments, we fight baldness and look for a solution for all types of alopecia, for patients who suffer from it, just by having a graft, in which, using professional techniques and procedures, we perform the extraction of units follicles, and in a very short time you will recover the lost hair.

You can also get advice from our team of professionals online willing to give you the best options to solve your case.

At Aribelti we treat all types and degrees of alopecia, whether large or small, it will be a pleasure for us to help stabilize your hair health.

We are a specialized in hair grafting in Barcelona using hair transplant techniques, either through implanted follicles, PRP, or any of our treatments. We have a team of specialist doctors capable of giving an adequate diagnosis according to your case.

To treat alopecia it is important to consult your doctor and what better than with qualified professionals who, depending on the type and degree of the problem, will try to repopulate eyebrows, beards and other areas where hair has been lost. The treatment also allows deep hydration. For hair to regain its vitality, you should consult our offer. Hair surgery effectively reduces traces of baldness. In addition, it is common for hair to decrease in volume over time.

We will reply to you as soon as possible

In Aribelti we have trained staff with experience in transplantation, to provide a more than adequate service.

Patient Testimonial

I was very happy with my overall experience. They gave me a lot of information and I felt able to ask as many questions as I needed, all of which were fully answered. They gave me confidence and impeccable results.

Luis Fernandez Spain
Testimonio Cirugía capilar

My hair was amazing, after a few weeks it grew back completely naturally. It didn't look like it had been operated on, it was a spectacular makeover. The service and customer support system were incredible.

Ana Maria Spain
Testimonio Cirugía capilar Bacelona

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It is a procedure capable of combating baldness and alopecia. Its application is very quick and easy. It is a treatment that allows you to recover not only the health of your hair, but also allows you to fully recover its volume and allows you to work with your hair again as if you had never lost it before, thus making it much more pleasant to the skin. time to handle it. This process is carried out with local anesthesia, it consists of extracting a number of follicular units. In a capillary micrograft, a small strip of scalp is obtained and a transplant is performed to an area where there is a lack of hair.

Aribelti is a capillary surgical institute specialized in all types of capillary surgeries, from a simple capillary graft to more complex transplants. Whatever treatment you wish to undergo at Aribelti, you can count on specialized professional staff to provide you with a service in optimal conditions and to be able to combat any type of alopecia and make a new hair grow with our medical treatments.

All this is due to the fact that hair surgery is a process in which our own hair is used as an implant, our body does not react with any type of rejection, this means that a graft can last us a lifetime without suffering any problem. At Aribelti we always make sure, hand in hand with experts, that you have the best application and service from the first time you come. If you have any questions, we are trained and willing to help you and answer all your questions.

When it comes to hair surgery such as the FUSS and FUE techniques, it will grow back normally as if it had never fallen out and our body will not detect that we have performed an intervention and we will not have problems or any health complications in our body or On our scalp, on the contrary, our scalp will benefit from our treatment and at the end of your recovery you can wash your hair afterwards.

If you are looking for a place to have a hair implant in Barcelona or hair surgery in Barcelona, ​​we are your best option to perform any type of intervention. Ultimately, we are different. We always do our best so that you are satisfied with the final result of your hair transplant.

When a hair transplant is performed with the FUE or FUS technique or any other type of hair grafting technique, you will not feel any pain when incisions are made because local anesthesia is applied. Unlike other hair treatments, a graft will not last you months, it will last a lifetime. Depending on the degree of alopecia we will have to increase the amount of transplanted hair. Another factor that will depend on the final result is the amount of transplanted follicles that the patient wants. The more transplanted follicles, the more density the patient will have on the scalp. We are the best hair transplant clinic in Barcelona, ​​it is one of the clinics specialized in grafts that can solve any type of problem related to hair loss.

Hair transplantation in Barcelona is something highly sought after today by people who suffer from alopecia. Aribelti is a specialist hair transplant clinic, we have your solution, our part of the medical team is made up of professionals to provide you with the best service. Either by means of a FUE technique Follicular Unit Extraction or FUSS Follicular Unit Strip or a hair graft operation of which we can assure you that we give you the best experience.

Get an impressive makeover after hair transplant with our treatments and recover that lost hair that you never imagined you would see grow back on your scalp.

Androgenic alopecia is the most common type of baldness or alopecia among the male population, although it also occurs in women. It is not an exclusively human condition, as it affects chimpanzees, orangutans, macaques, and other primate species. Returning to human alopecia we have the solution for you that you need. Whether you suffer from androgenic alopecia or any other type of alopecia, we can solve your problem. The scalp has the ability to regrow hair in bald spots if micrografts are implanted with extreme precision and care. The procedure can be implemented or performed in multiple ways depending on your case to guarantee excellent results. In micrografting some women with androgenetic hair loss, patients with scarred areas, burns and patients who want an autograft that will preserve all the characteristics that last the results of the transplanted hair, our services will vary depending on the type of graft you need.

The Sapphire FUE technique is very similar to an FUE technique with the change that in the hair transplant technique it was sapphire, the holes where the previously extracted hair follicles are placed are opened with a small sapphire-tipped blade. This grants a greater precision in the process to obtain a better Barcelona hair transplant. Our hair clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinics you can find. In our hair transplant clinic you can find the best hair implant technique and hair graft technique, you can ask about a hair technique without any commitment, we are always willing to help you. We can guarantee that in the hands of our hair surgeons your hair will never fall out again.

Capillary graft there are some main techniques, the follicular units are extracted to achieve a greater capillary density, the procedure is performed with local anesthesia and lasts many months after the graft.< /p>

There are various methods or techniques to apply hair surgery and enjoy the benefits from its offer at a hair transplant price, considering the form of a FUE hair graft (Follicular Unit Extraction) or a FUSS capillary graft (Follicular Unit Strip), or we can apply a graft on an outpatient basis, this technique is capable of regenerating the capillary volume of patients by means of capillary micrografts that allow redistributing the number of follicular units of 1 of the patient’s own hair from the donor area, which are always on the back of the head, these are performed by means of local anesthesia and are carefully introduced into areas of scarce hair, thus restoring the recipient area with implanted hair follicles. Unlike other hair treatments, a graft will give completely natural results. When performing a follicular unit or hair follicle extraction, the surgeon must be careful with all donor follicles. Each follicular unit extracted from the donor area will then be inserted into another area where there is a shortage of hair. Each procedure we perform we try to make it as impeccable as possible. Performing a hair graft can be a delicate process, but with the professionalism that we have at Aribelti we can assure you a level of confidence in us like nowhere else.

Hair surgery offers through micrografts whose evidence is very notorious, in short, you will notice a great difference in your scalp. Hand in hand with the experts and our medical staff at Aribelti we can assure you the best result and the best service for your comfort.

The difference in hair density that your scalp achieves is undoubtedly very noticeable, in addition to the fact that after a while you will be able to wash your hair afterwards, both for yourself and for your friends or loved ones used to seeing those annoying bald spots for you. If in doubt, a before and after is marked in the hair growth of your scalp.

When thinking about having a hair surgery treatment or some other makeover in an area as visible as our hair or face, we will always ultimately want a perfect result, without noticeable marks or long recovery processes. To achieve this we have to take into account that the way in which we must carry out this procedure must be carried out by professional experts in the field who do not take it lightly.

This is where Aribelti comes into play. With our trained staff whose priority is meeting your needs, giving you the best advice and providing you with the best results, we can assure you that you will be satisfied with our procedures.

The hair graft intervention process is a minimally invasive surgery and its duration varies depending on the number of follicles to be transplanted from the patient’s donor area to the area that needs to be transplanted. treated. In our clinic we have the best hair graft technology that offers quality results.

In the capillary graft there are some procedures for the postoperative treatment of the capillary graft in Spain. In the capillary transplant the surgery does not usually last long, people always wonder how long an intervention of this type lasts, but the truth is that the process is very fast. Our medical team is highly experienced in performing a hair transplant by extracting individual follicular units.

The entire process can be carried out on an outpatient basis, at an excellent price. Men are generally the ones with the most cases of alopecia in some area of ​​the scalp and are not afraid to undergo medical treatment like this.

Of course it is a natural treatment, since our own hair is used to implant it. Once the treatment is done, our body adapts perfectly and the structure of the hair is modified, breaking the wave and modifying its natural composition. to achieve much healthier and shinier hair. Which completely eliminates porosity

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